Available equipment is delivered to the customer from the warehouse within 2 7 working days. Payment is 100% on the basis of the invoice.

Requested equipment from 20 calendar days (depends on the model and is fixed in the supply contract). Prepayment is 70%, full payment is due upon shipment readiness.

The equipment is shipped from the company's warehouse (EXW).

Delivery by the transport company is made at the buyer's choice. The cost of delivery is not included in the cost of the equipment (transportation costs are borne by the buyer).

Customs clearance (if necessary) is carried out by the supplier.

The packaging is irrevocable.

Please, send preliminary approval and questions by e-mail:  or call: + 7 962 205 52 52

Данные для расчёта стоимости перевозки транспортной компанией

3D Printer Total volume, m³ Number of seats Maximum seat length, mm Gross weight, kg
AMT S-6044 4,5 12 4100 810
AMT S-6045 M 4,8 12 4100 810
AMT S-3030 3,6 12 3700 815
AMT S-6044 Long 8 12 8000 1110
AMT S-300 16 35 6050 2300
AMT S-500 45 42 7100 5600

3D construction printers
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